Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Star Wars Imperial Assault - Ally Pack

Continuing to get more of Brent's consignment figures done during my staycation.

This morning the matte spray completed Hera Syndulla & C1-10P.

Nice detail on the droid, though I see I need to do a touch up on his antenna. There are 4 more figures from this request which are currently on the table.

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Monday, May 21, 2018

Star Wars Imperial Assault - Alliance Rangers

I've started working on the latest batch of figures for my friend Brent. First up we have the Alliance Rangers.

They are all the same pose, it would have been nice to have them in different poses, but as they are allies, I guess it makes them easier to keep track of. Sort of how all the Empire soldiers look the same.

Short & sweet for today. Hope to have the others completed by the end of the week if all goes well.

Monday, May 14, 2018


After a very long time, I've finally completed the core box of Zombicide Black Plague.

Here are the last 4 Fatties

I also recall a couple comments about having a group shot. So with my table getting prepped for our next Frostgrave game, I pulled all the figures out & set them up.

Truly this party is about to be Overwhelmed!

And then it was back into their box to await the next opportunity to bring them out once again!

I must say how impressed I am with the ability many have to just push these figures out with paint jobs far superior to my own. I've never been able to do that & am lucky to usually get 4 figures done at a time. Of course I can always try to push myself. As well I want to thank those who provided the inspiring words to continue to work towards this finish.

I think these will be the last Zombies (no promises however) until Zomtober, where I will likely pull out one of the expansion boxes to add to the horde.

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Monday, May 7, 2018

Zombicide Black Plague

Well I am glad to see the end is in sight. After this batch of the zombie walkers & runners, I am left with 4 more Fatties to complete the core box of Zombicide Black Plague.

First the Walkers

Then the Runners

I was also able to get some work done on some walls I needed for the next Frostgrave Hunt For Golem scenario. So digging through my piles of foam, I used my hot wire cutter to form some angle topped stone walls.

So next on the list is completing the Fatties, then it's on to some more Star Wars Imperial Assault figures for my buddy.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Vampire Hunter Kickstarter

Saturday saw the arrival of another long awaited Kickstarter. This time it was The Order of Vampire Hunters

"For the Night is Dark & full of blood-sucking terrors!"

So it consisted of the Core Box, (I chose to leave the shrink on them for now)

From Blood to Dust expansion

The Night is Darker 5-6 Player expansion

And of course the various add-ons Kickstarters have become famous for.

I picked up an additonal scenery pack

And an opportunity to see some of the additional figures

Glad to receive another complete Kickstarter with no issues of missing pledge items. As far as it looks everything is complete, though the removing of the shrink will make this a 100% reality.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Frostgrave Campaign - The Attack Site

 This past weekend our campaign continued as we began the Hunt for Golem mini-campaign.

The Attack Site:  As the warbands make their way through the ruins, they come upon a scene of carnage. Amongst the rubble are the fresh corpses of several other warbands.
  While such sights are not unusual, the sheer savagery that has been inflicted on the bodies gives pause to even the most hardened warriors.

The set-up was done prior to the players arriving. Instead of treasure tokens, there are casualty figures strewn about the game area.

Any figure that is in base contact with one of these bodies, may spend an action to see what is discovered.
As is usual, I've modified the scenario slightly with the use of a different table when searching corpses. 

 The warbands involved in this adventure were as follows;

 What transpired is as follows...

So the aftermath yielded the following;

Bob (Scott) -  370xp, 1 treasure - 30gc, 3 scrolls: Raise Zombie, Mind Control, Glow. Trevor killed.

Innovar (Craig) - 390xp, 1 treasure - 60gc, Grimoire - Circle of Protection. Delva killed.

Ludwig (Chen) - 420xp, 2 treasures - 70gc, Gloves of Casting, Scrolls - Reveal Death, Circle of Protection, Write Scroll. Anonymous recieved permanent injury-Never Quite as Strong; Christophe, Hans miss game.

Eben (Me) - 520xp, 4 treasures - 370gc, Potions - Healing, Elixer of Speed, Grimoires - Forget, Reveal Secret, Leap. Aino, Marshman miss game.

So another bloody affair, though this time everyone got at least 1 treasure. Thanks to the guys for coming out!